Episode One - The Positive ADHD Child (out of the mouth of babes) - Listen to this podcast

 This week in my first ever podcast, I interview my daughter Seren who is ten years old. Seren was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and oppositional defiance disorder three years ago. Since then she has come on leaps and bounds, and we are so proud of her!





Episode Two  -  A holistic alternative for kids with ADHD, anxiety & other mental health issues - Listen to this podcast. 

This week I chat to Dr Natalie Challis (B.Bus (HRM/Psych), D(Couns), QEEGD, MISNR, MACA, MANSA) who shares her pearls of wisdom into how she supports children with mental health issues 'holistically'. 


Positively Parenting a child with ADHD (by an ADHD Dad) - listen here

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share this week's podcast with you! Today I talk to my husband and partner of 18 years, Karl, as he shares the highs and lows of parenting a child with ADHD. Karl is open, honest and shares the hardships, difficulties and pain points of parenting a daughter with ADHD. He also shares how he turned everything around and began to finally have a beautiful, loving connection with Seren. I am so grateful to Karl, for deciding with me three years ago to throw all the parenting advice out of the window and to lead with love. We recorded this as a Facebook and Instagram live, and alot of the questions were coming through from parents during the interview. A big shout out to all the ADHD dads too!! You got this! Susy xo