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Kaleidoscope Society are an empowering community for women with ADHD. They share inspiring stories and expert advice to help women thrive. They feel that together we can dispel stigma and inspire greatness in each other. I was thrilled when they asked me to write an article for them about raising a daughter with ADHD, you can read the article HERE.

The link to the interview is in my bio @susyparker (1).png

I was so excited to be featured on the #1 ADHD Podcast for Itunes; Faster than Normal. I was interviewed by ADHD host, entrupeneur and New York Times Bestseller, Peter Shankman. I share how we are learning to live, love and laugh as I study the superpowers of our daughter. Listen HERE.

The link to the interview is in my bio @susyparker (3).png

This is a guest blog that I wrote for ADDitude magazine; the leading magazine for people with ADHD. I loved that they also featured this on their Facebook page and it was shared over 200 times and had hundreds of comments. I think one of the best things that I ever did was start talking and sharing about our ADHD journey. It's helping to build a positive ADHD community, which is so needed. You can read the article HERE


Heathline one of the biggest health blogs in the world reached out to me at the beginning of this year and asked me to write a blog for them. I was over the moon when they told me that they loved the positive space that I've created for parents and adults about ADHD. To us, we only look at ADHD as a positive thing and something to be celebrated. In this blog I share three things that Seren and I love about ADHD. You can read it HERE.