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I 'honour my heart' - Women's Circle

What three things do you need support with you in yours or your families health right now_ (4).png

This two-hour workshop is to bring you home to your heart and help you to feel more aligned with your true heart's desires. As busy mums, we often listen to our minds instead of our hearts, but our minds are full of fear, self-doubt, criticism and worry. Our hearts are full of love and compassion.

The space will be filled with candles, crystals and angel cards that will be incorporated into our circle. We will be making our very own 'I honour my heart' essential oils blend, enjoying some healthy yummy snacks and listening to a guided meditation.

My intention for this sister circle is to give you some time for yourself, to connect to your heart and bring you back to love and peace. The cost of the women's circle is $25 and you will take home your own essential oil blend.

With Love & light

Susy xo