All in ADHD

The Truth About ADHD!

Right now all over the world there is a wave of change happening. Doctors, experts, neurologists, psychologists, naturopaths, teachers, mums and so many more people are coming together and rising! These are important conversations that we need to have. Too many kids and children are being diagnosed or misdiagnosed with ADHD.

Dancing with the Universe (and chats with God)

When we are in true alignment with ourselves, when we stop relying on our strength, when we set out our intentions and listen to our intuition – that's when the miracle happens. There is healing in love, compassion and forgiveness and there is light inside each and everyone one of us that wants to shine. I want to show as many women as possible that right now you have the power to do all of this. You have the power to make a life for yourself that is happy, abundant, joyful and present!

Sharing is Caring

I have a very exciting message to share with you today! I'm going to start sharing my essential oil journey with you, and I'm going to incorporate them into my sister circles here in Perth and through online webinars for all the people that I connect with worldwide.

I've always shared the oils that we use, but until now I haven't given people the option to buy the oils from me, and to be supported through their new journey. I'm incredibly passionate about helping families transform their lives and to learn to live, love & laugh with ADHD.

I have learnt to fear less and love more

I have lived through a lens of fear for most of my life. I think even as a child I often lived through a lens of fear, and this ultimately shaped who I became; until now. It's hard sometimes to see life through a lens of love when there is so much fear around. We hear about fearful things all the time on the news, on the radio and all around us. We can be afraid of letting our children out of our site; we can be consumed with fear about our children's future and their health and well-being. Over the last few months, I've come to learn that no one can be truly happy when they are living a life in fear.