Could Connection Be The Missing Link With Your Challenging Child?

Between the teacher meetings, the appointments with experts, the crazy ride of life and everything else in between, we sometimes miss one of the most important factors; connection.

One of the greatest gifts that I gave myself and my daughter was to find that connection again. In this short video I share some of the ways that you can start to get that connection back, and start to see your child thrive in life.

Could your child have a trauma instead of an ADHD diagnosis?


Could your child have a trauma instead of an ADHD diagnosis?

This is a delicate subject and one that I don’t discuss lightly, but I feel it’s one that needs highlighting. I spent months researching before I wrote my book and one of the things that I came across with how trauma can sometimes manifest as ADHD, when it’s not true ADHD.

Trauma in children doesn’t have to be as serious as we first imagine, sometimes the trauma to a child can be something that we don’t even realise could be affecting them. A house move, a school move, a grandparent dying or a parental break up.

The Truth About ADHD!

Right now all over the world there is a wave of change happening. Doctors, experts, neurologists, psychologists, naturopaths, teachers, mums and so many more people are coming together and rising! These are important conversations that we need to have. Too many kids and children are being diagnosed or misdiagnosed with ADHD.

When we grow in fear, we lessen a life in love

Living in fear, causes us to step out of alignment of our souls true work here on Earth. Fear can cause us to be anxious, have sleepless nights and arguments with our partners. Our relationships with our children aren't filled with love and happiness, but with anger and resentment. Our days can feel sad, sometimes hopeless; we worry about the past, we worry about the future - we even worry about today!