Hey beautiful!

Welcome to this little space on the internet where I can hopefully inspire you to see your different child in a positive light. My daughter Seren who is now 11 years old, was diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety & Oppositional Defiance Disorder when she was just six years old. She was medicated with three different types of medication and during this time, her behaviour was worse than ever. At just seven years old, she would tell me how she hated her brain, she didn’t want to be here anymore and she had no friends. This was heartbreaking as a mum, and the stress of the journey also saw me turn to medication to cope with the anxiety. You can read the full journey and how we managed to turn it all around in my book; Saving Sarah, learning to live, love & laugh with ADHD.

This was three years ago and now things look very different for our family. We stopped all medication for both Seren and me, and found a holistic and loving way to thrive with ADHD. I was also diagnosed with ADHD, but instead of allowing myself to fall into judgement, lack and fear; I learned how to turn this into my greatest gift. It really is possible to turn ADHD into a gift, but first there are certain things that you must do.

It is imperative that you have child tested for things like heavy metals, deficiencies and allergies. You need to make simple, easy changes to their diet, to your parenting and work on yourself first and foremost. You need to have awkward conversations with teachers and put in structures that support your child at home and at school. If you allow it, you will learn so much about your child and yourself, but first you must learn to surrender. This journey will crack you wide open, but on the other side is freedom for both yourself and your child. You were meant to be in this lifetime together, your child chose you - you got this mama!

Love & light,

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